Brace Rentals

At Landwehr Construction, we have a large inventory of braces available to rent. If your project requires braces for concrete walls, precast walls, masonry walls or steel structures, we can help. Landwehr offers delivery or shipping to your location, and installation is also available.

We regularly inspect and maintain our inventory of braces, which include:

  • B1 – B6 braces
  • B5 braces (adjustable)
  • B8 – B14 (fixed)
  • Braces from 8’ – 42′

Additional options are available upon request. If we don’t have the type of braces needed for your project, please let us know; we can help!

Engineered Bracing Plans

We also have the expertise and experience to offer engineered bracing plans for the temporary support of buildings and other structures during construction and demolition operations. This includes the bracing of foundation walls, shear walls, tilt-up concrete walls, masonry walls, retaining walls and various other walls that require temporary bracing.

Contractors are responsible to maintain the stability of the walls that are affected by temporary conditions during demolition and construction activities. We work with contractors to develop engineered wall bracing designs that are both minimally intrusive and cost-effective. Landwehr’s wall bracing engineering conforms to the various requirements including OSHA 1926 Subparts P, Q, R & T.