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The Process of Demolition

There’s more to the commercial demolition process than knocking everything down with hammers and wrecking balls. There’s no one-size-fits-all method, either. Every structure has different challenges and external factors that need to be taken into account, so experts need to be knowledgeable and well-trained in the process of demolition.   Surveying the Building   Demolition […]

Common Project Delays and How to Avoid Them

Project delays are, in the best-case scenario, frustrating to work around. In the worst case, they can waste valuable time and money, sometimes spent correcting mistakes that could have been avoided with better planning. Of course, some project delays are truly out of your control, but understanding how these common issues can be avoided will […]

Choosing the Right Construction Company

If it’s your first time hiring a construction company, you might be willing to leave most of decision-making up to the crew. However, choosing which company to hire is a decision that should rest entirely in your hands—the choice could determine the difference between a job well done and a waste of time and money. […]

Understanding Lift Plans

Sure, the pros make it look easy, but performing a lift with a crane takes extensive planning and the utmost regard for safety. No matter the job, the construction crew needs to be confident and know exactly what to expect while the lift is being executed. The best way to ensure this is by developing […]

Benefits of Solar Power for Businesses

Solar panel installations are expected to double by 2023, making solar energy the fastest-growing source of renewable power. Besides reducing their effect on the environment, solar energy offers multiple money-saving, reputation-boosting benefits for businesses. If you’re questioning whether now is the right time to make the switch from coal-based power to solar energy, here are […]

How Cranes Are Made

If you’ve read our post on the history of cranes, you know they’ve been around for quite a while. Primitive cranes were constructed simply, from compound pulley systems, and powered by the strength of humans or animals. Thankfully, cranes have long-since been mechanized, and we no longer have to lift heavy loads with our own […]

Winter Construction Safety Tips

While winter doesn’t stop most construction crews, it can be a dangerous time for workers. Extreme cold, ice, and snow can all create unsafe working conditions, so it’s important for both employers and employees to be well-educated on the best practices for winter construction safety. As you read these tips, bear in mind that worker […]

Demolition in the Winter

Winter is here: snow is falling, the ground has frozen, and business owners are scrambling to finish the renovation projects they started in summer and fall. While most people associate demolition projects with every season other than winter, it’s a common misconception that demolition can’t happen in the colder months. Can Demolition Projects Happen During […]

Different Types of Cranes and Their Uses

Cranes have been an important tool in construction since early civilizations—Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece—and were used to build temples and provide irrigation to crops. As society has advanced, crane design has been refined and diversified to create ideal models for different jobs.   There are two basic categories modern cranes fall into: static […]

Piles vs. Piers vs. Anchors

Helical anchors are used to repair existing or stabilize new foundations. Boasting easy, quick installation and little soil disturbance, helical solutions thread deep into the ground in order to transfer weight to load-bearing soil.   When discussing deep foundation solutions, the terms “helical piles,” “helical piers,” and “helical anchors” are used so interchangeably, it can […]