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Construction in the Fall

The temperatures have dropped as we transition from summer to fall. Fewer construction crews are seen on the road as we await the upcoming frigid winter. Building in the fall may seem counterproductive because of the colder weather, but it is actually a great time to start your building projects. Costs may be lower and […]

History of Cranes

Did you know that Landwehr Construction has been in business for 125 years? We began providing Minnesota and the surrounding areas with crane service beginning in the 1950s. In the last seven decades, cranes and their capabilities have certainly changed. Let’s learn a little more about their origins.   Origins The idea for cranes dates […]

Assessing Soil Quality

So you’re ready to start a new project? It’s time to start digging and planting, right? Wrong! There are a few steps you have to take before you can start your project, and one of those things is assessing soil quality.   Soil assessment and soil correction—what are they? Soil assessment is the acting of […]

Repairing Site Foundations

What happens when your building or home has a faulty foundation? There are a few common signs that will let you know that there are problems with your foundation. You may see cracks or other types of fractures, there could be settling, sinking, or even upheaval with sagging and uneven floors. You may notice doors […]

Operating Your Crane in Extreme Temperatures and Weather

Whether it’s extremely cold out or hot out, it’s important to take special care with your crane. Cranes are incredibly powerful, which means that if something goes wrong with them due to extreme temperatures, they can do some serious damage. You need to be aware of extreme weather conditions all year round—whether it’s snow, hail, […]

Working Safely in the Heat

The temperatures have been rising to make it an uncomfortably hot summer. For the people that work outside in the heat—we’re talking to you, construction workers—it can be especially difficult. While many people work safely in their air-conditioned offices or homes, construction workers have to endure the elements. If you don’t follow safe practices, the […]

What Crane Do I Need for My Job?

When it comes to your project, crane size and type matters. You can’t just choose any old crane to complete your project. There are a variety of different cranes in different sizes, including tower, crawler, all terrain, and boom trucks. The type and size of your project, as well as the condition of your site […]

Environmental Remediation

When doing a site assessment, a contractor may notice that there are contaminants within the earth, whether that’s the soil or sediment, or the surface water or groundwater. Part of a contractor’s job is to help protect human health and help to restore the environment—or at the very least, avoid contaminating it further. Environmental remediation […]

Beginning Your Next Excavation Project

Are you ready to begin your next excavation project? Perhaps you are building a house or a new building for your business, or you’d like to build a basement or a multi-layered parking lot. There are necessary precautions that need to be accounted for before you start your excavation project.   Season It’s important you […]

Investing in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is immensely important, especially with the position our world is in today. Renewable energy comes from abundant, natural resources. These resources replenish themselves over a period of time, and they do not deplete the earth’s resources like non-renewable energy (coal, nuclear, etc). Landwehr Construction is proud to drive clean energy. Renewable energy is […]